Google penalty recovery services: Diagnose, repair, restore

Have you been on Google’s first page for years and now find yourself at fifth? Are you getting sudden drops in organic website sessions, search rankings, and messages from Google Search Central? You may need Google penalty recovery services.

We all rely on search engines (by extension, algorithms) for traffic. So, we must stay informed of the latest updates and be ready to act if we’re negatively affected.

Not only is it good practice, but it gives you a competitive advantage over less tech-savvy sites.

Does that mean you must learn about penguins, pandas, and hundreds of manual actions? Nope! You can hand the problem over to us.

Read on to learn about our SEO penalty removal services and stay on the right side of Google’s algorithms.

Are you facing a Google penalty?

Google algorithmic updates and manual actions affect numerous online businesses, but many fail to notice them. Only 5% of penalized websites submit a reconsideration request to restore their rankings every month.

Be different. Don’t chalk up your sudden lack of success to competition and throw in the towel. Diagnostics is the first step toward recovery.

A Google penalty is a punishment against a website whose content conflicts with Google’s Search Essentials. It happens due to ranking algorithm updates or manual reviews suggesting a website uses black hat SEO.

If alarm bells are going off in your head, it’s time to book our Google penalty services. If you’re unsure whether you’ve broken any rules, here’s a brief list of causes for low website traffic:

  • You publish many pop-up ads.
  • You publish unedited short-form content.
  • You stuff your content with keywords.
  • You cloak links for clickability.
  • You purchase backlinks to adult, betting, and gambling pages.
  • You lack a legitimate security certificate.
  • You republish other websites’ content without permission.
  • Your site has a low load time and isn’t mobile-friendly.

These practices affect your content analytics. Once Google catches wind of your activity, your rankings also suffer.

Can diagnostics tools help?

A Website Penalty Indicator eliminates some guesswork from diagnostics. This checker shows which Google penalties hit you and when. Unfortunately, it focuses on substantial updates and may miss numerous weekly manual revisions.

You can only get an accurate report through an in-depth website audit. When you work with us, we scour your site and pinpoint problematic pages. No costly tools or dedicated teams needed: diagnostics and solutions come in a single package.

Before going into our penalty recovery process, let’s familiarize you with actions Google may take against you.

Penguins, Pandas, manuals & more

Google’s been updating its algorithm for the past 15 years. Its goal is to deliver the most appropriate content for every search query. You can geek out and analyze every tweak that came out, but here are the basics:

  • Panda came out in 2011 to crack down on sites hosting error-laden and low-quality content. It also penalizes pages with excessive ads and primitive designs.
  • Secure Updates motivated sites to purchase HTTPS domains (not HTTP) and build SSL encryption into their design. For those that don’t, Google warns the user against entering the page.
  • Mobilegeddon prioritizes websites with responsive designs and those scalable to handheld devices. This update reflected a user preference and gave rise to mobile-first publishers.
  • Penguin (2012) aimed to combat spam rather than legit but poorly-made sites. Penalties focused on cloaking, keyword stuffing, private link network use, and anything else you’d call black hat.
  • Penguin (2016) was an update of the previous program. Instead of punishing the entire site, it would only penalize faulty links. That way, bad sites with good intentions could get rehabilitated.
  • Intrusive interstitial penalty doubled down Google’s commitment to mobile. It punishes websites with pop-ups that hinder page functionality on small-screen devices. Not all ad-heavy websites suffer, but those with inadequate mobile UX can lose their ranks.

Google reinforces its rules regularly to optimize a user experience, increasing the demand for SEO penalty recovery services.

The penalty recovery process

Our Google penalty recovery services weed out the issues plaguing your website and send a reconsideration request on your behalf. You can sit back, relax, and let us return you to the top of the SERP.

After a quick call, we examine your website to identify pertinent issues.

Our SEO audit checks your back-end indexing and hosting, front-end metadata and keywords, site maps, link quality, and outside references. The content audit notes information gaps, old or outdated pieces, word counts, images, and your adherence to the latest content guidelines.

Based on what we find, we may:

  • Remove duplicate content or rework it to get higher rankings.
  • Reindex your website by providing a detailed site map for Google to crawl.
  • Improve backlinks by performing a detailed analysis of your linking and replacing shoddy with high-juice links.
  • Perform a deep content edit based on originality, grammar, and your brand voice.
  • Improve keyword use by fixing overstuffed content and ensuring you avoid over-optimization.

We then get Google to recognize your new quality.

That happens through a reconsideration request, which details the issue, the steps taken to fix it, and the outcome of these efforts. We manage communications, ensuring everything is clear before returning the site to you.

That’s the long and short of penalty recovery services geared towards getting your site into top form. Visit our FAQs to learn more about our process.

Although you’re delegating, you’re still part of the recovery efforts. We send reports outlining everything we’ve found and fixed at predetermined intervals. We also count on your suggestions regarding repairs and new content.

Preventing future penalties

They say prevention is better than cure, so how do you nip the need for SEO penalty removal in the bud? Avoid shoddy content from the get-go.

Stay up to date with the latest algorithm updates and publish accordingly. You’ll never again struggle with nonsense penalties breaking your rankings.

The answer lies in hiring content specialists. You are a busy business owner and may like the time and energy to read the updates. We are a team who specializes in and gets hyped about Google and SEO.

Our experts will audit your existing website organization and every existing bit of content for potential Google infringements. After fixing you up, we’ll produce new actionable pieces to draw traffic and turn prospects into customers.

Get to the root of it

Google tweaks its search algorithm 500–60 times each year. While most are minor, the platform occasionally rolls out changes to alter the global SERPs. For business owners, understanding these updates prevents pitfalls and leads to better SEO.

Staying up-to-date is easier with Grassroots Content in your corner. We follow the latest developments and have solutions for traffic problems. Apart from diagnosing and fixing issues, we can eliminate them by joining your content production team.

What’s the wait? Book a call to discuss Google penalty recovery services and more today.

Google penalty recovery services: FAQs

Need additional or quick info? Scroll down to find your answer.

What is a Google penalty recovery service?

Our Google penalty recovery services help online companies penalized by search engine algorithms. We diagnose the issue, find and repair its manifestations, submit a reconsideration request, and get your website back on track.

How will you restore my rankings post-penalty?

Our SEO penalty removal process includes diagnostics, repairs, and discussions with Google. The precise actions depend on the infringement your website has made. For instance, we deep-edit the content for sites hit by Panda and eliminate or disavow backlinks for Penguin.

Upon extensively analyzing your website, we submit a Google reconsideration request and an exhaustive disavow report for any tricky backlinks. We don’t stop till your appeal gets accepted and your site returns to its previous ranking.

How long will recovery take?

Penalty recovery services generally begin yielding results in 30–90 days. Most sites see a complete comeback within six months.

The precise timeline depends on the root cause. Mobile-friendliness and security protocols are quicker fixes than low-quality backlinks, for instance.

Which industries do you serve?

Our Google penalty services operate across industry lines. Our content specialists will clean up your website in any niche, from advertising to zoology.

The general content services at Grassroots Content also span multiple industries. With a multifaceted team of individuals willing to learn, we’ll deliver informative and optimized pieces for your niche.

What happens next?

You can stay or leave after your rankings recover. Remember that the number one reason you got hit with a penalty was due to not having SEO experts in the ranks, though.

Most people come for SEO penalty removal and stick around for our ongoing content services. Read our testimonials to learn about their experiences.