The Grassroots Difference

All content marketing agencies are the same, right?


You place an order, it’s given to a pool of writers, and in the end, something is churned out and passed off as quality content that converts.




That may be how some of them do it, but not us.


Are you ready to discover the Grassroots difference? 


Read on to learn what our teams are responsible for that sets us apart. You’ll find out everything we do, plus one final step that we’re confident most of our competitors aren’t doing that will supercharge your conversions.


By the end, we’ll convince you that we’re the ones to tackle your next content requirement.

What we do differently

Not just anyone who thinks they’re a writer can join our team. The selection process is rigid. Even once chosen, they must pass 3–5 test articles, of which 80% fail. It’s that 20% who get to write your content.


Our team comes from across the globe and from all walks of life and brings with them unique experiences. We have experts in every industry who pass that knowledge freely among the group.


We place our writers into niche teams.


That way, you can be sure that your content gets written by someone with experience and passion for that topic. A staunch cat lover isn’t going to be made to write about dogs, for example.


Our team collaborates with each other, and there’s no competition. If one writer needs advice on a topic, all they need to do is ask. Somebody, somewhere in the team, will have an answer. It’s this open sharing of information that puts us ahead.


When it comes to getting your articles written, we have three teams who will action them.


Our admin team: creates the outlines, double-checking that all the client requirements are clearly explained to the writers.


Our writing team: are our artists. They create magic from their keyboards. This group wants you to know that they’re here to deliver the best work possible.


Our editing team: is the bridge between the writers and you. Nothing will leave their area that they can’t put their hand on hearts and say is the best possible article we can deliver.


Our editors have all grown from within the company. They all started as writers, got to know all the clients, and practiced their craft to perfection.


They already know how it feels to be critiqued and have their work modified to meet a client’s particular requirements. That’s why they’ve stepped up.


Every editor is also a writer, and they’re all still presenting the highest quality work imaginable.


Let’s delve deeper into what each team is responsible for.

The admin team

We want to set up our writers for success, and this begins with the admin team. They work closely with the business developers to get the best understanding of the client’s needs. 


Then outlines are created, giving the writers as much information as possible. Anything that appears unclear or complicated is double-checked with the BDM before it’s passed to the writing team.


The admin team sets the deadlines, does the appropriate chasing, and ensures that everything operates like a well-oiled machine.


If the writer has any query about the outline, the admin will have the BDMs contact the client to clarify anything. 


When everything is in order, the writers work their magic.

The writers’ process

Once the outline is ready, it gets offered to everyone on that niche team. The person who feels they can deliver their best work is the one who grabs it. They then begin the process:

Article intent

Before they begin writing, the writer will complete an article intent summary form.

The form's purpose is to indicate that the writer is fully aware of the article's intent and is confident of the audience. A critical section is to explain the inclusion and reader action of the CTA.


The writers also must include what research they’ve done in the form of links to reputable sites. If they can write the article from their own knowledge and experience, this needs to be justified.


The final step is an operational plan of how their piece of content will look. We believe this additional step, before writing, makes for better articles, and the team agrees.

Research and more research

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. This statement couldn’t be more accurate than today.


The Center Statistics Office claimed that in 2021, 62% of people found online content that was doubtful or untrue.


By now, everybody knows that Wikipedia is no longer the ‘go-to’ for information. Sadly, as it’s open to anyone with a username and password, we can no longer confirm the legitimacy of the data.


When doing research for our clients, a standard Google search doesn’t cut it. We triple-check our facts; if we can’t find the same data or statistic repeated on three separate authority sites, we don’t include it


Speaking of authority sites, we mostly trust .org, .edu, and journals from .coms. If we need to go with another, it needs a DA of 60+.

Putting pen to paper

Our writing artists get to work on your content once they’re all researched up. 


They don’t just regurge what’s already out there. Your articles will be unique and increase the levels of content engagement with your readers that you expect.


Nothing is a challenge for the team. If you need tables and lists created in a certain way, we can do it.


You may want some specific images that aren’t yet available, no problem; we have ways of making that happen too.

The first check

The writing team takes ownership of everything they contribute. The first proofread of any article is done by the writer themselves.


Once a writer completes an article, we ask them to step away from it for a few hours (or preferably overnight if time permits).


This practice allows for a ‘fresh set of eyes’ to revisit and fix anything that, at first glance, may not be exactly what they want to deliver.


Don’t worry. As you’ll shortly discover, this is only the first of four checks your articles go through before you see them.

Writers’ tools

Our writers are all SMEs in their own right and some of the best in the industry. Even so, we still provide them with additional tools.


We’ve developed an in-house go-to guide that breaks down every client’s requirements to the final piece of punctuation. With one glance, this helps the writer get straight down to business.


Premium versions of Grammarly, CopyScape, and other paid tools are at their disposal, adding one extra layer of professionalism to their work.


Once the article is complete and proofread, it’s then passed on to the editing team.

The editors’ process

The editors’ process breaks down into three sections: pre-checks, the content check, and an added critical final step. We feel these three parts are the Grassroots point of difference.

Pre checks

Before the editors see the article, it’s been through vigorous pre-checking. This action is done by a team of dedicated writers with an extra eye for detail. 


Our writers are humans, not AI, and tiny mistakes can happen. This team will spot it a mile away if a header is an incorrect size or there’s a broken link. Their task is to get it fixed before passing it to an editor.


Pre-checks serve two purposes. It ensures that all the SEO requirements are met, enabling our editors to focus on scanning the content.

Content editing

A proofreader will scan a piece of content to look for misplaced punctuation, spelling mistakes, and incorrect grammar.


Editors, on the other hand, dig deeper. They read every word and ensure it’s relevant, answers the question, and adds value. Our team isn’t afraid to cull words if they feel it even remotely borders on fluff or filler. 


Once they feel the article is the best it can be, it’s passed on to one more person.

Quality control

The editors aren’t the final step in ensuring every article is “client-ready.” Our managing editor sees every piece of work before it goes to you, giving it that one final go-over to ensure everything is in order. 


The managing editor also grew from within the team, from writing to editing to the top position. She knows every client back-to-front and can spot anything unique to them that has slipped through the cracks.


This final quality step is something Grassroots Content is very proud of.

Grassroots is different. It’s better

From the moment we receive your article order, we act in the most professional way possible to match your requirements on time.


By the time it’s delivered to you, your article has been through four checks, at least one more than most of our competitors. 


It begins with the writer, who does one final proofread before submitting it to editing. Next, the precheck team goes through the SEO requirements making sure it looks correct. 


Our editors then take a deep look at the content, ensuring every sentence is relevant and client-ready. The final step is the fourth check, where the managing editor gives it one last inspection before signing off on it.


It’s our attention to detail in ensuring everything that goes out is publish-ready that sets us apart.


Are you ready to get content that promotes growth? Our prices are highly competitive and plans can be tailored to specific needs. We’re willing and able to meet all your content requirements.