Maximize Your Web Traffic and Conversion Rates: The Power of Hiring Professional SEO Writers

Last Updated on Sep 25, 2023

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    The future is now for online businesses, and SEO content writers are leading the way. 

    Are you ready to go with the changes?

    It’s time to ditch your old-school copywriters and start moving forward.

    The internet is an ever-developing marketplace, and not every writer can handle it. Your website must meet these two requirements to succeed:

    • Tell great stories that meet your target audience’s search queries
    • Adhere to the best SEO writing practices

    So how do you boost your website visibility?

    Merely telling a story isn’t enough! Posting optimized yet dull content might create more traffic, but you won’t see any conversions. 

    You need both—you need SEO content writers.

    Join us for a complete breakdown of online marketing industry experts. We’ll discuss what they do, the benefits they bring, and the basics of hiring content writers for long-term growth.

    Key Takeaways

    • Experts who specialize in creating content optimized for search engines and ranking highly in search results are called SEO content writers.
    • Unlike copywriters, SEO content writers focus on optimization as well as creating persuasive content.
    • Factors such as meta content, conciseness, authority, valuable information, headlines, keyword usage, multimedia, and linking are considered by SEO content writers when creating content.
    • Professional SEO content writers can improve a website’s visibility, conversion rates, keyword usage, and relevance, and reduce bounce rates.
    • Metadata, links, snippets, and alt texts are among the factors that SEO content writers consider when optimizing content for search engines.

    SEO content writers vs. copywriters: What’s the difference?

    Writing isn’t a novel concept in the online business world. So what’s the thing with SEO-focused website content writers, and why can’t you continue cooperating with the same copywriter you onboarded ten years ago?

    We’re not saying you can’t. That old-guard copywriter can transform leads into sales, which is still valuable. It only works if you have some leads to work with, though.

    The difference between SEO content writers and copywriters stems from how you reach potential customers

    Hands typing on laptop creating SEO optimized content, essential for writers to improve website ranking.

    In the past, you handed out brochures and published newspaper ads. People could easily learn about you. Generating sales was the only tricky element.

    The situation is different today.

    Every modern brand has an online presence, spanning sales pages, blogs, and social media channels like a facebook group. It’s no longer a question of whether you can persuade a potential shopper but whether you can catch their attention.

    That’s how SEO writing rose to prominence.

    SEO, or search engine optimization, refers to techniques for increasing search engine ratings and organic traffic. The goal is to show up first on all major search engine results pages and climb it as high as possible. 

    The idea is simple—the more people see your high quality content, the more customers you get.

    SEO content writers specialize in writing with optimization in mind. They produce articles that naturally rank high according to search engine criteria through a combination of good key phrases and practices like:

    • Meta content
    • Conciseness
    • Authority
    • Valuable information
    • Headlines
    • Keyword usage
    • Multimedia
    • Linking

    What about regular copywriters?

    Copywriting is an act of producing text for advertising. It increases brand awareness and entices the reader to take specific actions, from visiting your web pages to buying items.

    These experts understand writing and marketing, but they don’t always know optimization. As a result, your super-persuasive content remains buried on the fifth page of Google’s results.

    Why hire a copywriter if the alternative offers their top skills and more?

    CopywritersSEO content writers
    Produce well-written, persuasive contentProduce well-written, persuasive content
    Provide original contentProvide original content
    Write without errorsWrite without errors
    Do in-depth researchDo in-depth research
    Engage the audienceEngage the audience
    Produce content that ranks high on search engines
    Improve conversion rates
    Use keywords naturally
    Emphasize consistency and relevance
    Reduce your bounce rates

    In a nutshell, hiring a content writer with SEO-savviness is important for a strong, stable, and profitable online presence.

    Why would you need professional writers?

    You might understand keyword research and its usage, but that’s merely the tip of the iceberg. SEO content writers also take note of metadata, links, snippets, alt texts/image alt text—the list goes on.

    Sounds like a ton of gibberish? Let’s put it in practical terms.

    Achieve greater visibility

    It’s 2022, and the internet doesn’t wait. It’s get on board or get left behind time.

    Obsolete content writer services jeopardize the chances of your article being read, wasting work power, money, and valuable opportunities. Your competitors are implementing SEO writing, meaning that you can’t progress without it.

    We’re emphasizing this point because we still see business owners thinking of SEO as a buzzword and a fad. In reality, it’s a lucrative industry with a solid track record, and one worth your time and attention.

    Understand your audience

    Audience analysis is a cornerstone of search engine optimization. 

    When you understand who you’re targeting, you learn their search intent and become capable of providing proper responses. By doing so, you become an authority. And Google loves authority.

    Your SEO content writer team will analyze your target audience by:

    • Gathering demographic data
    • Analyzing competitor brands
    • Identifying relevant questions

    Hiring content writers doubles as getting analysts in this regard. You can even use the collected information in digital marketing and product placement.

    A hand-drawn mind map with "SEO" in the middle, outlining various aspects of SEO services offered by content writers.

    Delegate brainstorming

    You might be used to publishing your regular, 2000-word articles on your web pages. Some customers love them, and you get an average of ten reads a month. What if you had greater ambitions?

    Besides boosting view counts, skilled writers diversify your publishing to sway broader audiences and increase direct traffic.

    SEO content writers know the ins and outs of writing content that catches attention. They’ll suggest email campaigns, social media posts, and case studies to increase your pool of readers and turn them into customers.

    Here are some content forms they might introduce on your web page:

    • Short-forms and long-forms
    • Blogs and articles
    • Pillar pages
    • Evergreen content
    • Social media posts
    • Thought leadership

    Unsure what any of these terms mean? Don’t stress. Hire a professional writer to take care of these things on your behalf!

    Write for real readers

    Google has a strict set of internal standards for gauging web content. It favors relevant, readable content that provides an enhanced user experience.

    An SEO content writer gets this. They concentrate on three main factors:

    • Clarity
    • Readability
    • Relevancy

    These factors don’t require specialized knowledge but relate to how real customers interact with your articles. The tricky bit is combining technical optimization aspects with good writing.

    Regular writers for blogs might write for humans only or ruin their content with over-zealous keyword usage. Experts implement writing for SEO in every keystroke. They maintain brand image, tone, and quality while ensuring high SERP rankings.

    Publish content with value

    A regular copywriter can write content that’s valuable for the reader. SEO content writers understand that value has a double definition.

    For one, there’s the value we discussed above—providing relevant answers to real questions.

    The additional meaning is more technical. It includes those little elements that act as markers for search engine crawlers. A successful SEO copywriter knows this, and they provide value to Google as well as people. For instance, they:

    • Select the right keywords and weave them into the copy
    • Focus your pages so the right people see them
    • Organize your content to match the search intent
    • Front the right information for visibility
    • Intertwine links with text to encourage longer visits

    Maintain consistency

    Brands are at each other’s throats for high-level rankings. You need to outperform them all to stay ahead of the game.


    By hiring content writers who know their stuff.

    You can’t reap SEO benefits by publishing one-off batches of top-shelf content. Instead, consistent optimization and first-rate output build you up as a trustworthy brand.

    Think about it. You’re ranking high; people keep running into your site and seeing the same quality. They’re sure to think about you the next time they need related services.

    Generate sales

    This one is a no-brainer. People won’t work with shoddy or outmoded brands. They won’t purchase the product or service if they never see your website, either.

    Having a good SEO content writer on board prevents both these issues. It increases organic traffic, visibility, and authority of your website, which drives click-throughs, conversions, and sales.

    Free up valuable time

    You don’t have time to mess around with things outside your expertise as a company owner. Delegation is a pillar of a successful business venture.

    SEO content writers boast years of marketing and search engine optimization experience. They’ll perform stressful, time-consuming tasks from your to-do list in a second.

    You get to focus on running your business while the experts do SEO writing. It’s a win-win scenario.

    Surpass the competition

    The inner machinations of search engines are an ever-evolving science. SEO specialists continue learning and developing with the industry. Hiring professional writers from this industry lets you do the same.

    The alternative is to train your existing employees in SEO basics. However, you can only do this by dedicating an entire team to the job and one person to cover the trends as they come up.

    On the other hand, keeping several experts at hand leaves you well-aware of any novelties. Viewer trends? Technical SEO? Black-hat and white-hat? SEO content writers can’t afford to drop the ball, and neither can you.

    How do you hire a content writer?

    Ready to enjoy these benefits? Next up, how to find a good content writer for SEO.

    Content marketing is an important part of planning a succesful website.

    It might be daunting to look for outside help. Still, outsourcing your writer team reduces company management costs without sacrificing quality. It’s a worthwhile option, especially with the growing popularity of SEO as an occupation.

    You have two alternatives here—individuals or content production companies. Your choice depends on your budget and needs, but most businesses do better with the latter.

    Cooperate with SEO content writer firms to avoid micromanaging each team member. Plus, if you need a lot of content (you likely do), it pays to have a large team on hand.

    This option is also more straightforward for business administration. 

    You don’t have to compose twenty individual contracts to construct a team. The third-party company onboards writers, forms a workgroup, and tackles the workflow. You get a polished piece ready for publishing.

    Note: We’d suggest agencies for 95% of the companies. Those with local and small-scale aspirations are hiring a content writer through a freelancing website.

    If you’re in the larger group, the next step is finding a company and composing a contract.

    We don’t want to sound arrogant, but we do tick all the boxes. 

    Here are a few of the qualities that you’d have at your disposal with our content writer services, no matter your niche:

    • SEO knowledge is an obvious factor. Look for assurances that your chosen employee company isn’t only spewing buzzwords.
    • An understanding of strategy is essential. A good writer won’t simply follow your instructions. They’ll also suggest ways to upgrade new and existing content.
    • Flexibility and adaptability are must-haves in this ever-changing industry. SEO content writers should adapt their style and tone to various forms and audiences. Look for samples to check their capabilities.
    • Research skills ensure good content with authority, especially in a highly specialized niche. Content packed with fluff won’t cut it.

    Remember that growth isn’t instantaneous. Keep refining the strategy and integrating the content with your other marketing efforts. Nurture a long-term relationship and see your business grow stronger.

    Hiring content writers for company success

    Knowing how to hire a content writer with good SEO writing skills is imperative for Web-based companies. Your usual digital marketers, journalists, and copywriters aren’t obsolete—but an expert is a way to advance, not struggle to stay afloat.

    Let’s recap:

    • SEO content writers analyze and understand your audience. They know which forms suit readers and help you reach them.
    • These experts produce engaging content. They write for people and search engines.
    • They’re efficient and knowledgeable. No more wasting valuable time on triple checks and do-nothing articles.
    • They help you stay one step ahead. Hire professional writers to follow trends and adapt to new requirements.

    In the end, not hiring a content writer for SEO purposes means missing out on immense growth potential. You could dabble solo, but you’re always better off with a pro.

    Ready to reach online relevance? Get your personalized SEO writing offer today.