AI vs. Human: How Do They Compare for Content Creation?

Last Updated on Jul 19, 2023

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    The debate about AI vs. human created content is all over the online marketing industry. Is AI the future of content marketing or are human creators’ jobs safe?

    Many content creators fear AI involvement will make human writers obsolete. Many companies are happy to have made the switch, but not all.

    So, how do the two compare? While AI services don’t experience writer’s block or burnout, they still have some flaws. We simply can’t replace things like accuracy and human emotion. And that’s what makes great content, right?

    I must admit, when the AI hype began, I was ready to run for the hills and bury my head in the sand. But as it’s progressed and there’s no denying its existence, I’m forced to compare AI to human writing. 

    Join me as I explore these options in more detail. I’ll inspect the pros and cons of each and find out if AI is really worth the hype or if our jobs as human writers are safe.

    What is AI and how does it work?

    Artificial intelligence, or AI text generators are tools that use machine learning to replicate human writing. They have impressive results and are constantly growing, but they aren’t perfect. 

    Through deep learning and natural language processing (NLP), these systems create natural-sounding text. Well, they try to.

    NLP helps AI interpret, understand, and write human languages. Deep learning neural networks take on training data. Over time, this data is used to help mimic human styles and dialects.

    These AI tools use published human-written articles to collect the training data needed. Proofreading apps like ProWritingAid and Grammarly also contribute to this data.

    As a result, chatbots, like ChatGPT, can answer almost any question. They can also generate text in many languages, topics, and styles.

    While these tools develop constantly, there are still many drawbacks. Some of these include:

    • The training data doesn’t go past a certain date. AI-generated content is unlikely to produce accurate information on current affairs.  
    • The content will always lack human emotion. When comparing AI to human writing, this is a significant flaw. Machine learning just hasn’t been able to mimic human emotion yet. 
    • AI content lacks original thought. Human-written content has a degree of opinion to it. This makes the text unique.

    These points are not to say that AI content isn’t a fantastic tool. They do, however, tell us that there are a few concerns to look out for. 

    The value of human-written content

    As a business owner, establishing and maintaining an online presence is hard! With companies like Grassroots Content, you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. 

    But how do you ensure they make your vision reality on your site? Constant communication, that’s how!

    With human-written content, you can share your vision and examples of what you want. Our team (or whoever you’re working with) will do everything they can to create it. The meet your expectations by asking questions and communicating as needed. 

    Do you want the content to reflect your unique personality? Human writers can consistently recreate this. 

    Is your goal for your readers to develop a personal connection with your site? To feel you understand their frustrations? Again, human content writers can do just that. 

    Unfortunately, we’re still human, at the end of the day, and burnout is a real problem. This means that your top quality content will take longer to be produced to standard. But you know you’ll get what you’re looking for. 

    Ultimately, there’s no comparison between human vs. AI writing. The former will always be superior to the latter.

    Hiring a human team to produce your content may work out more pricey, but the quality is unmatched. Also, you know that your content will meet SEO best practice standards. 

    Comparing AI vs. human

    The concept of AI writing is still in its infancy and has a lot of kinks to iron out. But how does the AI vs. human comparison look?

    Let’s put the two side by side to see the differences between them.

    AI writingHuman writing
    -Faster content production
    -No rest needed—available 24/7
    -More affordable for smaller companies
    -Plagiarism is a big risk
    -Content often has factual errors
    -Valuable insights and opinions aren’t possible
    -Authentic voice
    -Extensive research for accurate data
    -Conveys emotion and can connect with readers
    -Unique insights and opinions
    -Relatable content through storytelling
    -Takes longer to produce content
    -Conveying you ideas to a writer can get complicated
    -Random creativity blocks to contend with
    -Can be more expensive
    Ai vs Human Writing - Playing chess against a robot

    When the two collide

    When it comes to AI vs. human content, it really doesn’t have to be one or the other. Why not embrace the new frontier in content creation?

    Imagine the possibilities if we combine AI and human creativity. Quality, accurate content produced at a faster rate. The bonus? Human emotion and personality that no machine can generate!

    I’m the first to admit that I was not on this AI bandwagon when I first heard about it. After all, it could make human writers obsolete. How could I possibly produce that many high-quality words in a single day? It would be the end of a career that I love.

    The fantastic news is that my fears were unfounded. AI is the boost to the content creation industry that we all need. It’s the catalyst for everyone to kick their game up a notch. 

    So how can AI and human creativity coexist in this industry?

    We can ensure that AI content checks all the boxes for ranking performance. This process is called SEO optimization. It also requires careful fact verification and tone adjustments. These steps ensure accuracy and give the content a human touch. 

    • Translations: Do you have a bulk translation task? AI can get it done quickly. Human editors ensure translations are accurate. They also ensure that the text is in line with cultural and contextual standards.
    • Idea brainstorming: Writing the same thing multiple ways can be challenging, even for the best creators. The same goes for generating content topic ideas. AI is a fantastic tool to assist with this process. 

    Human writers can use AI tools to find inspiration for these ideas. This strategy brings AI and human skill together to produce outstanding content.

    Summing up AI vs. Human content production

    My initial biased stance in AI vs. human content production has changed a bit. I must admit it has potential in our evolving industry. This powerful tool has proven itself almost as valuable as human writers. It clearly isn’t going anywhere and we should look at how we can use it to our advantage.

    Comparing the limitations of human vs. AI, shows how each can fill in the gap for the other. Imagine combining the strengths from each. We’d have high-quality, engaging content. The selling point? It’s packed with personality that’s delivered at half the speed!
    Search engines are still determining how they process AI-generated content. So it’s beneficial to put a human spin to it. Contact Grassroots Content to get the benefits when AI and human creativity combine.